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Hypergrowth Marketing Guidance for B2B Tech Organizations

We're a data-driven digital marketing executive team responsible for helping in hyper-growth stages of organizations, leading brand vision, & creating profitable, scalable digital campaigns. 

We specialize in B2B SaaS.

Our overall objective is to increase revenue & profitability while assisting the growth of organizations. 

Consistently, we’ve been able to increase sales pipeline velocity and marketing efficiencies 2.5x faster than the existing in-house marketing teams that we’ve worked for - all while working within the same team!

Results include 650% ROI on marketing-influenced revenue.

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“Denmark is a highly accomplished digital marketer with deep insight into the nuts and bolts of what it takes to get this highly technical area under control and producing results. His time at KnowBe4 helped us a lot in getting our strategy and tactics defined and executed.”

Stu Sjouwerman - CEO KnowBe4

“Denmark is a gifted individual. I've enjoyed working with him throughout his time consulting with Jive. He's high-energy and straightforward. Very knowledgeable in every aspect of his trade. His insights have benefited many people across our organization.”

John Pope - CEO Jive Communications

“Denmark is the complete digital strategist. He was able to identify new channel opportunities and was able to effectively build, execute and optimize online campaigns. I have been thoroughly impressed and satisfied with his leadership and the results he has driven from these efforts.”

Mitch Wainer III - CMO DigitalOcean

"Denmark is a thoughtleader among interactive and digital media strategists. His personal and professional immersion in all social media platforms and services, provides a vantage point to the latest innovative companies and startups. His strong interpersonal skills and relationship building makes him an ideal choice to advance recommendations and plans to internal stakeholders and business decision makers and drive rapid change.

I highly recommend hiring Denmark.

Susan Koehler - CMO Intelius

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